Tuition and Fees

Tuition fee for the DBA program is $166 per month for six months ($996 total). It can also be billed as either a single up-front payment or as two installment payments. 

With our scholarship offer you can pay only $50 per month ($300 total). 

If you wish to apply for DBA scholarship, kindly click here.

Students are eligible for refunds according to our refund policy.

DBA Capstone Projects

Apart from the six-month online DBA curriculum, we provide optional capstone projects lasting three to six months. The fee for assigning a supervisor to work with you and oversee your entire project starts from $150+ (or more), depending on the project’s scope and complexity. For further information, refer to the details on DBA Capstone Projects.

Students are eligible for refunds according to our refund policy.

Why Fordax eDBA?


Engaging Content: Our courses are crafted for maximum impact— you can read, listen, or watch them.


Accredited School: Fordax is accredited by ABIS UK and approved by the Department of Higher Education in Nigeria. Plus, we’re on the path to securing two more global accreditations from esteemed bodies in the US and UK.


Real-World Ready: Immerse yourself in a hands-on learning experience with 60% focus on practical, real world business case projects that challenge you to “learn by doing”. 


Build Your Portfolio: By the program’s end, you’ll have an impressive portfolio featuring 9+ projects— that you did both as personal and group activities—showcasing your skills and accomplishments and making you attractive in the marketplace.


Certificates That Count: Earn certificates and recognition upon completing each module. Enhance your CV and LinkedIn profile, making a bold statement about your expertise.

MBA-Level Rigor: Our curriculum is meticulously designed, offering MBA-level depth with a focus on applying knowledge to solve real-world challenges. Get ready to stand out in the business world!