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Fordax Business School Attains Prestigious ABIS and ISO Accreditations, Poised to Redefine Global Business Education Standards

Fordax Business School (the company that houses Fordax Public Speaking School, Fordax Marketing Agency and the Fordax Training Institute) Attains Prestigious ABIS and ISO Accreditations, Poised to Redefine Global Business Education Standards

Fordax Business School, recognized as Nigeria’s premier digital business school, has achieved a significant milestone by securing both the ABIS (Accreditation Board for International Standards) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditations. 

This accomplishment propels Fordax into a new era of excellence as it prepares to revolutionize the global business education landscape by making quality business education accessible and affordable. 

Noteworthy is the school’s expansion into the United Kingdom as a registered technology-driven business school, reinforcing its commitment to delivering quality education on an international scale. Fordax Business School is set to make waves, providing students worldwide access to its acclaimed business, management and leadership programs.

At the core of Fordax’s success are its affordable, flexible, competitive, and modern MBA and Executive Diploma Programs and certificates. The institution prides itself on being an accredited online business school, adhering to the stringent standards set by ABIS, a multidisciplinary accreditation organization known globally.

Fordax’s commitment goes beyond accreditation, embodying a philosophy of providing modern, forward-thinking, tech-driven, real-world, and accredited business education that remains both flexible and affordable. The institution’s online MBA programs and executive education courses are tailor-made for working professionals, offering a dynamic and relevant learning experience.

The accreditation process itself is a testament to Fordax’s dedication. 

ABIS, as a multidisciplinary accreditation organization, ensures that Fordax’s programs comply with certification and certified requirements. The school adheres to strict guidelines and aligns with international standards throughout the accreditation process.

Fordax Business School’s commitment to being an affordable and accredited business school is evident in its programs, designed to meet the evolving demands of the business landscape. 

As Fordax sets its sights on global influence, it continues to uphold the highest standards in business education, paving the way for a future where quality education is accessible to all. 

The school’s innovative approach to online learning combines real-world applications with the latest technological advancements, providing students with a truly immersive and engaging learning experience that can compete anywhere in the world.

“Times are changing, and our education system should change with them. Not everyone has the time or chance to attend in-person lectures anymore. Today, entrepreneurs and career professionals don’t have to give up their jobs or family commitments to pursue education. Thanks to the technology we’ve developed, they can carry their school with them on their phones or computers.” Says Dr. Stephen Michael, the director of the Fordax Business School.  

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