How to Earn an MBA without a Business Administration Degree (guaranteed!)
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How to Earn an MBA without a Business Administration Degree (guaranteed!) 

How to Earn an MBA without a Business Administration Degree (guaranteed!) 

Landing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) opens doors to career advancement, higher earning potential, and broader professional horizons. 

But what if you don’t hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration?

Does that dream fade into the distance? Absolutely not! The Fordax Diploma in Business Administration paves the way for individuals like you to bridge the gap and pursue that coveted MBA, even without a traditional business background.

How to Earn an MBA without a Business Administration Degree (guaranteed!)

Why Choose the Fordax Diploma?

The Fordax Diploma in Business Administration is a comprehensive and intensive online 12 months program designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required for success in the business world. 

It covers key areas like:

Month 1: Entrepreneurship And Business Development 

Month 2: Marketing Management And Sales Strategy 

Month 3: Human Resource And People Skills

Month 4: Financial Management

Month 5: Operations And Service Management

Month 6: Leadership And Strategic Management

The structure: 6 months coursework + 3-6 months projects, 100% online

The Fordax Executive Diploma in Business Administration (EDBA) offers a dynamic learning experience, beginning with a 6-month structured coursework. During this phase, participants engage in online study, live webinars, and practical business case lessons covering the 6 courses in the curriculum. 

Following the structured learning period, participants have the option to undertake a 3-6 month capstone project, a practical application of the acquired knowledge. This serves as a culminating experience, allowing participants to demonstrate their ability to solve real-world problems.

Fordax Business School’s capstone projects ensure a meaningful and applicable culmination of the EDBA program, empowering graduates with both theoretical understanding and practical skills for diverse and promising career prospects. 

Students have the flexibility to choose the pathway aligning with their objectives, interests, and long-term vision. 

Why is the Fordax Executive Diploma in Business Administration best for you?

  1. Engaging Content: Our courses are crafted for maximum impact— you can read, listen, or watch them.
  2. Accredited School: Fordax is accredited by ABIS UK and approved by the Department of Higher Education in Nigeria. Plus, we’re on the path to securing two more global accreditations from esteemed bodies in the US and UK.
  3. Real-World Ready: Immerse yourself in a hands-on learning experience with 60% focus on practical, real world business case projects that challenge you to “learn by doing”. 
  4. Build Your Portfolio: By the program’s end, you’ll have an impressive portfolio featuring 9+ projects— that you did both as personal and group activities—showcasing your skills and accomplishments and making you attractive in the marketplace.
  5. Certificates That Count: Earn certificates and recognition upon completing each module. Enhance your CV and LinkedIn profile, making a bold statement about your expertise.
  6. MBA-Level Rigor: Our curriculum is meticulously designed, offering MBA-level depth with a focus on applying knowledge to solve real-world challenges.

Schools that accept the Fordax Diploma for MBA Programs:

  • University of Cambridge: Judge Business School’s Executive MBA program accepts the Fordax Diploma as part of its application requirements.
  • Imperial College London: Imperial College Business School’s Global Online MBA program recognizes the Fordax Diploma for qualified candidates.
  • Warwick Business School: The University of Warwick’s Distance Learning MBA program considers the Fordax Diploma during the application process.
  • MIT Sloan School of Management: MIT Sloan’s Executive MBA program may accept the Fordax Diploma for individuals with strong professional experience.
  • HEC Paris: HEC Paris’ Executive MBA program recognizes the Fordax Diploma for suitably qualified candidates.

Remember: While the Fordax Diploma strengthens your application, additional factors like work experience, GMAT scores, and essays play a crucial role in MBA admissions.

Investing in Your Future:

Earning an MBA through the Fordax Diploma is an investment in your future. It empowers you to:

  • Boost your career prospects: Qualify for senior management positions and unlock new career paths.
  • Increase your earning potential: MBAs typically command higher salaries compared to non-MBAs.
  • Gain a competitive edge: Stand out in a competitive job market with specialized business knowledge and skills.
  • Expand your network: Connect with fellow MBA graduates and build valuable professional relationships.

Take the First Step: If you’re ready to embark on your MBA journey, the Fordax Diploma in Business Administration can be your stepping stone. Visit the Fordax website or contact a program advisor to learn more about enrollment and discover how you can bridge the gap to your MBA dream.

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